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Parsley Curled

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Herbs have been around for al long time. Herbs are wonderful addition to any garden. The many sizes ,shapes flowers and scents allow the gardener to fill in bare spots or dedicate an entire area to herbs.  Many are also readily adaptable to containers. Vegetable gardening is very common, with more hectic lifestyles and smaller living spaces.  Our herbs are adaptable to container gardening, So whether you have two acres or just a patio our vegetables and herbs will have something to fit your lifestyle. 



 Our herb program is offered in 3” square  18 per tray





Height 24”


Leaves are broad oval and crinkly with spicy flavor.  Used in some perfumes, Italian seasonings soups.  This variety is probably the most popular for pesto, many Italian dishes and scented oils and vinegars.  Leaves can also be dried, or frozen for later use .


 Height - 24”


USDA    Hardiness zone 5-8


This is one of the best garden herbs when protected, it will grow into a  perennial shrub in some climates.  Sage plants make excellent additions to herb gardens or ornamental borders. The leaves are best when harvested before or just after blooming.  Used fresh or dried, sage has a strong flavor that is especially good with, sausages, meats and many different vegetables.


 Height - 12-18”


USDA    Hardiness Zone 3-10


Chives make an attractive edging for any flower or vegetable garden and are a versatile kitchen herb that’s excellent for seasoning a wide range of recipes, Chives grow great in gardens or a patio containers with tall green grass like leaves ending in purple pom -pom flowers. Harvest  from early Summer until frost.


 Height - 24-30”


USDA    Hardiness Zone 6-9


Aromatic green foliage and fragrant, lavender blue flowers. Compact variety is attractive in mixed container plantings .


Great for gardens, landscapes low hedge; use fresh or dried for potpourri.


 Height - 36”


USDA    Hardiness Zone 5-10


This  culinary herb is widely used, most often dried, in Italian dishes, tomato sauce,  pizza, fish and salad dressing. Oregano has very  little maintenance and makes a great edging plant or ground covering .


 Height - 15-18


This herb’s flat has deeply cut dark green leaves and are very flavorful and attractive in any herb garden. It can be used for flavoring  any meat, soups or salad. It grows well in sun or part shade, and adds texture to any container.

Height 12”



 Parsley’s wonder flavor and its excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Curled parsley is fast growing and produces closely curled dark leaves. When mature, it holds for a long time making harvesting easy. Use as a flavoring or garnish.


 Height - 24”


USDA Hardiness Zones 7 to 10


A very popular herb, rosemary makes a beautiful ornamental plant, as well as great culinary seasoning with great flavor.  Clip  rosemary leaves or stem tips as needed, and use for flavoring meats poultry and potatoes.



 Height - 12” 18




USDA Hardiness Zones: 6-10


Thyme deserves a place in all herb and vegetable gardens. It’s easy to grow, shows attractive foliage and is one of the most useful herbs in the kitchen.  This is a low growing plant with aromatic leaves used to flavor meats poultry, stews, sauces, soups. The best time to harvest is mid June through mid July. Thyme is great for any patio containers and is virtually free of pests and disease.


Height 24”




This hardy annual is also known as Chinese parsley or cilantro, and is popular in Mexican cooking.  The plant is tall with small umbels of delicate pale pink flowers and fine foliage.  Use Cilantro leaves to season  soups, stews, cheese dips, and salads while the seeds are used  flavor many different dishes.

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