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Bettinger’s Greenhouse

There’s no mystery in making a great container as long as you follow a simple recipe. First and foremost is what  we call a “thriller,” a centerpiece plant with star quality, something big, bold, and beautiful. Then you add a few spicy “fillers,” foliage or flowering plants that will complement but not overwhelm the main player. Finally, you add a “spiller” that just tumbles out of the pot. As long as you use each of those kinds of plants in various proportions and take care to balance colors and textures, you can create a pot that will be stunning by the end of summer.


Spillers are the accents that cascade over the container and soften it’s edges while connecting the plants to the pot.


Fillers build the bridge between the tall and the cascading, adding lush shape and complementing the focal point without overwhelming it.



Thrillers are the big, bold accents that use their tall height and distinctive form to create the “centerpiece of a combo.

 Gaura,  Supertunia Vista Silverberry, Supertunia  Plum

Angelonia Cherry, Lime Sweet Potato Vine , Lime Sweet Potato Vine and Pitaya Supertunia

 Diamond Frost Euphorbia, Double Impatien Hot Pink, Baby Tut Grass